Sea and Inland Tuscan Dishes

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Typical Livorno cuisine

Inland and Sea Dishes.

Villa Tramonto offers fish cuisine inspired by the simplicity of Tuscan origins. Our seafront Restaurant offers Daily Menus depending on the catch of the day.

In every dish, Chef Gilberto combines the simplicity of the preparation along with the freshness of local products, in keeping with the local traditions.

Excellencies such as EVO oil — Extra Virgin Olive Oil —, from Tuscan hills, homemade pasta with Ancient Grains, Bolgheri and Suvereto wines and the Violet Artichokes from the Val di Cornia, enhance both the seafood cuisine — the undisputed protagonists are the blue fish and the ‘DOP’ anchovies from Piombino — and the inland cuisine. The 0 km (local) wines are perfect for accompanying all meals and are a great value for money.

VillaTramonto - The 5Cs of the Cacciucco alla Livornese

From May to October

Restaurant on the Seafront.

Every day on the upper terrace (open to external clients as well).
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OPEN to LUNCH • 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

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Terrace Menu.

Terrace Restaurant
1st Courses Fish: € 9–€ 14
2nd Course: € 12–€ 18
Terrace (for Delivery)
Use the spaces to consume your delivery or takeaway dinners

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New and fresh menus, including Vegan or gluten-free menus.

Chef Gilberto

Lunch on the Terrace
Choose between 4 first and second courses with tasty side dishes. Don’t miss the famous Spaghetti with Clams. Every day an homemade dessert.
Bar Service
Drinks, coffee and ice cream to be consumed wherever you want in complete relaxation.

Chef Gilberto’s suggestions

My kitchen is made of simple flavors, which are created by a combination of fresh produce, especially freshly fish and vegetables from the Tuscan hinterland. The essential cooking style combined with the Livorno tradition makes dishes that are light, tasty, rich in flavors and fragrances.

Fish Dishes

Fish is among my favorite dishes, because we are so close to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the sea’s fragrance has always been a fundamental part of my kitchen, pushing me to experiment. How can I not call into question the famous fish stew:

Cacciucco — Warning! The real dish from Livorno must have the 5Cs.

And of course dishes refined by their simplicity such as: the Triglie alla Livornese (Livorno Mullets), accompanied by the famous Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with Clams) and the classic Grigliate di Pesce fresco (Fresh Grilled fish).

Traditional Dishes

For those whose tastes are more tied to tradition, in the appropriate seasons it is possible to taste dishes with stronger flavors, like the Cinghiale ai Profumi (Scented Wild Boar) from the Mediterranean woodland and the unmissable Pappardelle alla Lepre (Noodles with Hare).

Vegetarian Dishes

For vegetarians I highly recommend my Tortelli di Ricotta e Spinaci (Stuffed pasta with ricotta and spinach) and the more classic, yet at the same time surprising,Tuscan recipe: the Zuppa di Verdure e Pan Cotto (Vegetable stew with small pieces of hard bread). The homemade Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato Soup) too is unforgettable.

And since I’m a true Livorenese here’s some suggestions just for you: la torta di ceci o Cecina (The chickpea cake), and the legendary Ponce alla Livornese – an aromatic drink made of coffee, rum, sugar and lemon – definitely a fitting end to a tasty meal.


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